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How do I commission Illustration work?


New to commissioning illustration work? Not quite sure how the process works? 

Below I've listed some key questions to answer before you get in touch.

Tell me about your project…

 - How many illustrations do you require? What size?

 - Where will the illustration(s) be used? (e.g. printed booklet, magazine, private commission art print, website or multiple uses)

 - Do you require colour or black and white illustrations?

 - When do you require the final finished artwork? Do you have a deadline?

What are your rates/ prices? Can you send me a quote?

As the above answer demonstrates; each illustration commission can be very different from the next.

For this reason, fees are calculated on a project by project basis and determined by a number of factors as listed below.

Number, size, nature of illustrations required, usage, type of licence required, deadline dates and Illustrator’s own schedule of work/ ongoing projects. If you are able to provide me with your project details, I will be able to calculate a quote specific to your project.

I have written a children’s book;

can you illustrate it?

If you are seeking to get your children’s book published in the traditional way via a Publishing house, you may think you need some illustrations to accompany your manuscript submission. The great news is that this is not the case. Your manuscript is much better off without illustrations (unless you are an author-illustrator).


Publishing houses are experts at matching authors and illustrators, it’s their job, so best to leave it up to them. Remember to check the Publisher's submission guidelines for information and advice about submitting manuscripts. 


I wish you all the best with your project!

Unfortunately, I am unable to take on self-publishing and e-book projects at this time.

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